About Us

We are Natalie & Alex. The founders of That Gymnastics Diva.

Natalie Marie

I am Natalie Marie Kamara, a USA gymnastics elite gymnast. From the age of three, I have dreamt of going to the Olympics. I eat, sleep, breathe gymnastics...and fashion! Because I spend so much time in leotards, I wanted to create a clothing line that is fashionable and useful for on and off the gym floor. My hope is that when you wear a That Gymnastics Diva leotard; you feel Strong, Empowered, and Beautiful. After all, every gymnast should feel like a winner while owning their inner diva!

Alex Kamara

I am Alex Kamara, a 14-year-old young entrepreneur who from the age of five  have wanted to start my own business.  When my sister and I thought of That Gymnastics Diva, this venture was perfect based on both of our passions!